JJ Lin - Bu Chao Bu Yong Hua Qian

JJ Lin - Bu Chao Bu Yong Hua Qian

JJ Lin
Bu Chao Bu Yong Hua Qian Lyric:

Hey greedy, don't fret
What you see is what you get
You name it,I have it
What you see is what you get
zuo zuo zuo zuo pian zuo jiu yong zuo shou
sheng huo jiu bu yong xiang tai duo
peng peng peng peng xin dong zhang kai yan
jiu ji de dang xia de jiang lie

you shi ling guang yi shan er guo
niu dun ye chi ping guo
wo de nian tou bu tai luo suo
xian shi jian neng ru zuo

qing ni bu yao dao chu kou kou
chao liu xu yao kou kou bu xiao xin jiu mei kou kou

yong li dao chu kou kou hua diao suo you kou kou
qian mai bu dao jue huo

ni shuo ting shuo ting shuo ni ting shui shuo
gen zhe luan zou nao hong hong
tong tong tong tong pu tong pu tong
ru guo bu dong bu yao sui bian ju jue

Little chick having chips on my sofa
Bearbricks take a shit on my sofa
Smudge babies lying on my sofa
Neighborhoods and kiks singing so-fa

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