DBSK - Holding Back The Tears

DBSK - Holding Back The Tears


Holding Back The Tears

hayahge heuryeojin geurimgwa jiweojindeuthan nae hyanggiga
nunbushin gureumsoge garyeojyeoyo...

amumal eobtneun nae gaseumi cheoncheonhi mameul olgyeobogo
geusairo sochyeogan shiganman sone nohyeo jyeoisseoyo...

I'm having back the tears
mugeopji anhge naui maeumeul maego georeoyo
gakkapjinahgo meolji anheun gose
dareun naega seo-ittjyo nan ulji anhayo

ddodashi dusoneul moeujyo
eodinga deullin geogose
jueogi anin jigeumeul nan saragayo

babogatjiman neul hamkke isseoyo
biugo shipeun geu apeumi
onmomeuro heureuneun nae nunmureul mareuge hajyo.

I'm living with my tears
mugeopji anhge naui maeumeul maego georeoyo
gakkapjianhgo meolji anhgeun gose
dareun naega seoittjyo ulji anhayo nan...

I'm holding back the tears
gabyeopji anhge naui mideumeul maego ddwieoyo
nopjido anhgo natjianheun gose
ddo dareun naega seoittjyo
jageun misoro nan useulsuitjyo...

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